We’re gonna go ahead and guess that you’re not in business as a computer tech. After all, you’re here looking for help. So here’s some free advice that’ll do more than just save you money, it’ll help you make more money: avoiding problems costs less than fixing them. Genius, no? Seriously, a little ongoing preventative maintenance can keep your business running more smoothly, and more profitably.

Oh, and just in case you do happen to be a computer know-it-all, chew on this, fellow techie. Whether you’re an at-home piddler, the designated office computer guru, or you make your living as a computer tech, when presented with a particularly precarious problem, we all need another techie to bounce ideas off of. And we’re happy to be the bouncee. Just watch out for our faces. We’re not going to come out and say the word “sabotage”, but, well, things happen.

Two computer guys on a mission

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