3-31-09: Worried about the Confiker worm?

If you’ve heard warnings and rumbling about the Confiker worm and what it may or may not do on April 1st (nobody seems to know exactly what will happen), you may be asking yourself “Am I safe?” If your computer is set to download and install critical Microsoft updates, or if you’ve installed the updates manually since October, you should be safe from infection. If you use a Mac, quit laughing.

Is your Mac OS X Finder relaunching continuously?

It looks like there is a problem with a recent Quicktime update that has caused the Finder to relaunch every 30 seconds or so. What this means is that the folders and desktop icons will disappear and then reappear for no apparent reason. This can be very frustrating since the Finder becomes the active program when it relaunches. So, your typing an email, and you look up and realize that you haven't been typing in the message for the last 45 seconds. Thankfully, it is an easy fix if you have Stuffit installed. Go to Apple Menu>System Preferences>Stuffit and click on the box that turns off AVR. AVR is an addition to Stuffit that lets you rename files and folders in the Finder and have stuffit automatically compress them. Since most people don't even know that they have this feature, they will not miss it. For those of you that do actually use this feature, you will want to contact Stuffit support ( and ask them when there will be an update to keep this from happening.

If the Finder is relaunching and you don't have Stuffit installed, maybe it's time you called or emailed your favorite Mac Tech.

It looks like some of our favorite Macs will become officially "Obsolete" as of March 17th.

Click here for details or here is a pdf of the story if the link doesn't work. It looks like ebay will become our best friend for parts for theses machines.

We are working with Patch-X to give new homes to old computers

We are working with Brian Wilson at PatchX, a wonderful organization that takes computers that are no longer adequate for business use and finds good homes for them. The intention is to make sure children under the age of 14 who don't already have a computer can get one. Take a look at Brian's website, and if you have old computers that you'd rather not send to the landfill, drop us a line.

Two computer guys on a mission

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